10 Easy Reel Ideas To Try Right Now

10 Easy Reel Ideas To Try Right Now

As you probably know by now, Instagram is actively pushing short form video content to users on their platform in an attempt to rival their competitors Tiktok. If you’re someone who is used to posting static images and carousels, it may be difficult to figure out what to post in order to appease the Gods of Instagram, so we’ve put together these quick and easy ideas of what you could post. 

Most of these ideas you can even do without showing your face, so they’re very simple to film! Check them out…

  • Before & After

Have you rebranded? Maybe you’ve changed your packaging? Show this off!

Tip: Look for trending sounds that other creators are using to show before and afters.

  • Behind-the-scenes

Snap lots of short videos of the process behind creating a product, a photoshoot or whatever you’re promoting. Put them all together in IG or using an app such as InShot or Capcut.

Tip: Try to use an existing template by another creator, or set the clips up in time to your chosen soundtrack.

  • Re-introduce Yourself

Tell your followers who you are, what you do and why you do it. You can do this as a talking video, or with a voiceover whilst showing different clips and photos.

  • Share a Tip!

Again this is one you can do whilst talking, or you can create it in something like Canva. Share a tip that relates to your niche, bonus points if you’re replying to a question in the comments of a post!

  • Expectations vs Reality

Have a product that didn’t come out quite right? Show people that not everything goes according to plan 100% of the time – people love relatability!

  • Meet The Team

Show off your team! Get them to do a quick introduction, or a day in their life.

  • Participate in a Trend

Have some fun! Instagram is not the place for being serious 100% of the time, so give some trends a go. This doesn’t have to be silly dances, just have a scroll through your Reels page and see what trends other businesses in your niche are doing!

  • How-Tos

Show customers how to use your products, if you’re a product based business. If it’s a straight forward product, show them the do’s and don’ts or safety measures they should take whilst using it.

Tip: You may have already covered this on your website or social platforms, but there’s no shame in reusing content in different forms!

  • Myth Buster

This is especially good if you’re in an industry with a lot of myths. For example, if you’re a makeup artist and see people in the industry telling followers to do something that is unsanitary, you can make a Reel explaining why that’s a bad idea and suggesting alternatives!

  • Step by Step

You can make several versions of this one – show off a step by step of how to use a product, show the creative process behind what you do or show how you make your products!


These 10 ideas will get you started, but it’s all about having fun and being creative! Just adapt these ideas to your business and you’ll be good to go. If you need help managing your social media, get in touch!


Have fun creating!