All about the Facebook redesign…what should we expect?

Facebook redesign 2019

All about the Facebook redesign…what should we expect?

All about the 2019 Facebook redesign

2018 was a bit of a shocker for Facebook to say the least. Talk of privacy, or lack thereof, was hot on everyone’s lips and it was up to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to prove to everyone that they were taking it seriously.

To show everyone their commitment to our privacy Mark Zuckerberg announced during Facebook’s F8 event that in 2019 Facebook will be going through a big redesign!

Facebook redesign 2019

So, what can we expect from the Facebook redesign?

The new version, codenamed ‘FB5’ will be the biggest change in years, changing nearly every aspect of the much loved (and loathed) platform.


Groups to take centre stage

Groups will take centre stage rather than the traditional news feed, being made easier to find and simpler to become an active member of thanks to a new ‘Groups’ tab. This group tab will show you a personalised feed of your groups content rather than interspersing it into your main newsfeed.

Facebook redesign 2019

As well as a groups tab, you’ll also find it easier to find other groups you may want to join. They will be recommended to you throughout the app depending on where you are and what you’re looking at

A new look

Along with a new focus for the social channel, we’re getting a sleek look and a faster and more reliable service.  Posts appearing in the Facebook newsfeed will have rounded edges and more empty space around them. In navigation bars on the right and left-hand sides there will be cleaner menus that give access to groups and contacts. And there’s a new dark mode.

What about Facebook Dating?

Already live in five countries it is set to roll out across 14 more along with a new feature called ‘Secret Crush’. This new feature allows you to opt in and enter up to nine of your friends who you are interested in anonymously. If any of your friends have put you as well then you’ll be matched, if not then it all remains a secret!