B2B Top Tips For Christmas

b2b tips at Christmas

B2B Top Tips For Christmas

For B2C businesses, Christmas is an amazing time, there is huge potential to get your piece of the Christmas excitement, and increase your sales! But what if you work in a B2B environment? , How can you effectively get your message through to the right people?

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, all you need to do is get inventive and come at things from a different angle.


Here are our top tips for making Christmas work for you!


Offer your clients something for free

Take inspiration from what B2C brands do at Christmas, giving away a free bag with any purchase for example. However, the gift is usually something you wouldn’t buy yourself, so often the consumer isn’t really benefiting.

Why not offer a current client, or prospective client, one of your actual products – whatever it is – for free! A month’s free access to your software, a month of SEO work for free…

It can be harder to think of exactly what to give as a ‘gift’, but chances are it will be much more appreciated, and relevant, to your customers’ needs.


Jump on the advent bandwagon

Everyone knows Christmas starts on the 1st December, when we enter ‘Advent’. Advent is a long running tradition, which has become increasingly more commercial as brands release their own calendars featuring their product.

Just because you are B2B doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of the fun! Why not release a new piece of content everyday in the run up to Christmas? Or, to save time, a new fact or tip every day will be just as well received!

Have fun and get creative, all while increasing your traffic


Merry Christmas email

Probably the most common tip on our list…the simple email!

Almost every business will be sending out a Christmas email, so it’s crucial to be unique and ensure you capture your audience’s attention. Spend some time designing your email and constructing useful content that your contacts will appreciate – a round-up of the year, or a look ahead to the next will go down well and is less likely to get lost in the sea of other promotional emails!


Don’t forget New Years!

With all the Christmas excitement, it can be easy to forget that New Years is just around the corner too!

Start offering exclusive ‘sign up now’ offers, stay in front of your potential customers so that by the time New Years comes around, you’ll be front of their minds!


Have an amazing Christmas and New Years everyone! See you in 2018!