Becoming a Eyeem ambassador

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Becoming a Eyeem ambassador

Today I am honoured to become a EyeEm Ambassador many thanks to the EyeEm Team.

The EyeEm Ambassador crew is a carefully selected bunch of people representing EyeEm in their cities. who are passionate about taking & sharing photos be it taken on a mobile device or high end camera

As an ambassador for the Bedford and surrounding area it is my aim to organise meet ups, photo walks and even an exhibition of local talented photographers in the area.

The beautiful thing about taking photos and sharing them with the EyeEm community via the EyeEm app is that it is for anyone and everyone and no one judges you, your photos, the subject or your technical ability. It is just a huge community of people that love taking photos and viewing other photographers work.

If you are an EyeEm user or even if your not and would like to know more about EyeEm its self please get in touch.
You can view my EyeEm profile and my photos here Shynee on EyeEm please drop by and say high

I am looking forward to arranging the first Bedfordshire EyeEm meet up so if you are from the local area ie Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton etc please drop me a line