Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Content management systems


When purchasing a website, you need to be able to control important aspects of that site going forward: uploading fresh content, photos, rich media and files whenever needed.


Our CMS systems offers you that flexibility and power. Are CMS sites are browser-based so you can log in from anywhere with an internet connection (work, home, abroad!) with a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for non-technical staff to use

Experience the joy of easy updates to your site with a drag and drop interface, auto picture sizing, in addition to full coaching and professional, friendly support.

A content management system (CMS) provides you control on your site and enables you to make major choices about your sites content without the need of any coding language.


Take charge with simple page upgrades


By making use of the easy rich text editor making adjustments to every page on your site, updating images, text and also including your forms for contact without the requirement for a nerd shirt!


Upload pictures and interactive media content


Don’t stress, it’s so easy you can upload many pictures at a time, change PDF downloads or include that YouTube video you’ve been intending to put on the site for a long time. You can do it all, without paying any agency to help you do it.


Including new pages is a breeze


A simple to use website tree and route framework permits you to control entries for blogs, navigation menus, and lots more – all with drag and drop functions.


Keeping clients stuck to your site


Freshness is an intriguing issue and Google cherishes brand new content, which is the reason a content management system makes it super easy to redesign your site and make your clients continually return for more.


Social mix and engagement


Get the most recent twitter feed on your landing page with a tick, permit clients to post blog comments to your blog through Facebook, like and share your items via digg, discover and a variety of social channels.

Are you prepared to take charge?


Your site is your advanced shop window and you should be in charge. A content management systems of the highest quality, WordPress, will provide you with all that you will need plus on-going support, together we are heading to success.


Devoted support and training



Changing to a new system will require learning of some things – however it is extremely simple. We give total end-to-end system training, a client manual and regular support to guarantee you enjoy keeping your site fresh and sticky for your visitors.