Desktop to Mobile Google’s priorities are shifting


Desktop to Mobile Google’s priorities are shifting

Due to the rise of mobile usage and the fall of desktops, Google are switching their focus from a desktop index to a mobile index

Mobile development has changed the face of internet browsing.


The advanced technological development that the world has seen in recent years has resulted in society’s fixation with mobile devices and the internet. The mobility of phones enables people to surf the internet on the go and with ease. Today’s society has an ever-increasing addiction to a ‘fast-paced’ way of life.

A brief rundown…


Once upon a time the , Google index was desktop based only. In recent years, Google split the index to cater to the rise of the mobile phones popularity as well as continuing to support desktops. Now, we are awaiting the next transition; Google are returning to a one index system again, but it will be a mobile-first index.

Garry Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst, has predicted this change due to his research on the increase of mobile googling. 10 counties, including the US and Japan, have been found to Google on their phones more than they do on desktops. Because of this, there will be an automatic greater association with how a web-page ranks on a mobile device rather than a desktop, affecting the pages SEO.

When will this happen?


It is thought that this index change will occur in 2017, and companies who don’t have a mobile version of their desktop website will feel the implications of this change. Having a mobile friendly website will open a door to a more viewed and, in turn, a more successful page.

What is the next step?


Here at Shynee, we make it a priority to keep updated on all the digital trends that can implement our clients and the success of their webpage. We are here to notify you on possible updates to maximise your potential; an update gone unnoticed can be a slippery slope to a decrease in website rank and can impact a sites SEO.

If you are weary that your website may not be mobile index approved, our SEO team can offer a free consultation and review of your page to discuss the current position of your website and possible changes that can be made.