Ecommerce Websites Bedford

We understand the importance of choosing the right platform for your ecommerce solution. Each platform is unique and offers different things depending on the user and their requirements. To be able to provide the right help and solutions for you, we are Magento Solutions Partners, Shopify Partners and WooCommerce experts.


Design is at the core of every site we develop. For your online store, this means creating clear and easy to navigate web pages, where your products are the key features and checking out is simple.



We have been working with Magento for over 10 years and like to think we have a profound understanding of how it works.

Magento is perfect for you if you have, or are planning to have, over 100 products. It is a professional ecommerce solution that comes with a user-friendly interface, great SEO capabilities and is powerful at managing your orders.

A feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class platform, Magento offers a high degree of flexibility, customisation and control over the user experience, catalogue, content, functionality and performance of your online shop.

Magento also works well with several third-party applications like Sage Accounting, MailChimp, Live individual backing (Zopim), Twitter, Freshbooks, Facebook, Google Analytics and many more!




WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce platform for WordPress and is one of the most trusted in the industry. Much like WordPress it is very simple to use and incredibly user friendly. Our design and development team are able to personalise your online shop to perfectly represent you, your business and your brand, while providing an exceptional end user experience to keep your customers returning.


WooCommerce and WordPress go together when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing. SEO extensions are readily available for the platform meaning you can revolutionise the SEO capabilities of your ecommerce store. Our SEO experts will ensure that both the technical and on-page SEO are catered giving your new online shop the best possible start.




We design, build and create beautiful and elegant Shopify stores for our clients. Shopify stores includes a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart meaning your customers will get the same great user experience whether they visit your shop on a mobile, tablet or computer.

Shopify also includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate ensuring your pages, content and card transactions are fully protected. Shopify enables easy SEO maintenance meaning our SEO experts are able to tweak, update and maintain your shop to help it have the best online presence it can have.




Our integrated payment mechanisms include Nochex, WorldPay, PayPal Pro, PayPal Standard and more. Each of these will allow your customers to upload their payment details safe in the knowledge that your e-commerce site is secure.



If you are looking to set up your own E-commerce store, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts to ensure you kickstart your business with an amazing, user-friendly and practical website that your customers will love.