Facebook trial local businesses search to take on Yelp and Scoot

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Facebook trial local businesses search to take on Yelp and Scoot


For around a month hidden on the social networking giants platform has been a trial of Facebook search of local business to rival the likes of Yelp and Scoot. You do not even need a Facebook account to use it

You can test drive Facebook’s new local business search tool yourself here

the page reads “Find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings”

Search results are displayed to show Facebook’s five-star rating system into account, but results aren’t ranked by how many stars a business has. Given Facebook’s knowledge of you as an individual, results are likely customised for users history or whether someone they are connected with has reviewed a business on Facebook and or their location to that business.

Should Yelp be worried ?

Well its hard to say yet as it is early days and still a trial but many have tried to master local search Yelp, Google and Scoot and Yelps shares have suffered of late so maybe Facebook could be the one

Try it out for your self and let us know what you think

And if you need help creating your business page on Facebook or theming it to match your brand ready for the local search gold rush please contact our team today on: 01234 834719, or email.