Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media

lady filming herself on professional camera

Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media

Video content is becoming increasingly popular across social media and is the way forward in terms of growing your social media engagement. Creating video content for your brand can seem daunting at first, so we have put together a list of our top tips to get you started!


Plan, plan, plan

Create a mood-board and/or timeline of your idea. Planning in advance will help you to go into filming feeling confident in the message you are aiming to convey. It will also prepare you for any props or camera accessories you might need to create the content. We recommend using Pinterest to create a moodboard, saving all of your ideas in one place.

Shorter videos are key

When scrolling through social media, your followers are more likely to stop and engage with a video if it is short and snappy. Shorter videos are also more likely to be rewatched, especially if it is funny or interesting, something they might want to play again for a friend or colleague. When people see a video more than once, it creates a longer-lasting impression.

Consider the platform

It is important to consider the platform you are going to be posting your video content to, not just because of the video size, but also because of the demographic. For example, Facebook has a wide demographic; attracting different age ranges, however most Pinterest videos are between 25-44. Make sure you consider this before creating the content, so you know who your video is talking to.

Consider the size

When it comes to video content, size matters! Square videos do great on Instagram, whereas portrait videos do better on Pinterest. Landscape videos are perfect for YouTube. Plan where you want to upload your video so that you know how it will be cropped before filming.

Sound on or off

Your video should have some kind of sound, even if this is just a bit of music. However, make sure that your video is just as effective with the sound off! A lot of people stream videos with the sound turned off whilst scrolling through their feed. A lot of the time, this means adding subtitles to your videos.


A few ideas..


How your business started

Share an insight into the history of your business and the people behind it. This makes your social media page feel a bit more personal, people like knowing who is behind a company.


Day to day life

Share entertaining or funny videos of what day to day life is like working for your business! Whether you are a small business crafting handmade items or a bigger business with stores across the UK – show a sneak peak into what a day is like at your company.


Discuss your products

Video content is a great excuse to show off and sell your products! Why not create a video series on your product range, discussing why each product was created, what is so great about it and who it is perfect for?


If you need help with video content creation, our social media marketing team at Shynee are always happy to help! Give us a call or drop us an email to find out more.