How to get more Facebook Reviews for your Business Page

How to get more Facebook Reviews for your Business Page

A way to increase trust and boost sales through your Facebook page is to have plenty of current positive reviews on your page. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get your happy customers to leave reviews on your page.


Why does my Facebook Page need reviews?

Facebook is no longer used just to keep in touch with friends and family. It is now used to find and connect with brands, products, services and locations. Reviews are important in providing potential customers with trust, especially as Facebook reviews are connected to personal profiles, making them feel more realistic and relatable.

Studies have found that between 80-90% of consumers say that they read and trust local business reviews.


How can I enable reviews on my Facebook page?

To make sure you have reviews enabled on your Facebook page;

  1. Make sure you are in admin view of your Facebook page
  2. Click ‘Settings’
  3. Go to ‘Edit Page’
  4. Then find ‘Reviews’ and click ‘settings’
  5. Select ‘ON’ to enable reviews
  6. Remember to ‘Save’!


Why did Facebook change its reviews system?

If you have been a Facebook user for some time, you may have noticed that what was once a star system has been changed to two options; either ‘Recommended’ or ‘Not recommended’. Facebook made this change to its review system to simplify leaving a review in the hopes that this would encourage more people to get involved. Customers are still able to leave a written review.


Things to note on Facebook Reviews

  • You may need to set up Facebook Reviews if they aren’t already appearing on your page
  • You can’t currently remove negative reviews, only disable the whole feature
  • You can reply to reviews publicly by leaving a comment on their post


How can I get more reviews on my Facebook Page?

  1. Add a link in your email footer asking people to leave a review
  2. Run a competition asking people to leave a review to be entered into a prize draw
  3. Add a button on your website leading people to the Reviews section of your Facebook page
  4. Encourage visitors to ‘check-in’ to your Facebook page and leave a review
  5. Ask previous customers and clients to leave reviews