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I want to be number 1 on google

I want to be number 1 on google

I want to be number 1 on Google is probably the most common request we get from potential customers. In response my question is, Why? This may seem a strange response but when you understand how the major search engines work being number one is not always the best option for your business. 4 reasons why being No 1 in Google is bad for business!
  1. Achieving top position may cost you business more than the resultant traffic is worth to your business.
  2. A phrase e.g. ‘company in Bedford’ may be a phrase which people do not search on.
  3. Just because you send large amounts of traffic to your website, doesn’t mean it’s relevant traffic.
  4. What’s wrong with position 2 or even 8 – do the people who click on these links not buy products or enquire about services?
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