I’m not number 1 on Google

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I’m not number 1 on Google

We think you should never just rely on Google searches for new business. It can be a long trip to the top of the search engines and can require a reasonably large spend to get there for your chosen keywords and phrases.
From our experience, the best way to achieve success is to have a multi-faceted marketing approach that includes traditional marketing techniques, as well as digital ones. Social media is a must have for businesses now, and it’s a bonus that it also helps your SEO.

Give yourself time to see results, SEO is a long-term plan that needs time to settle. Keep an eye on your results and try to keep track of which marketing venture you were testing at that time to get a gleam of what is working best for you.

If you aren’t number 1 for every keyword you have chosen (it is unlikely you will be!) then fear not. Don’t forget, it takes time. Aim for the first page – people will still find you, and if your content is good, clear and informative then the visits will still convert.

The internet is crammed with businesses all vying for the top spot, but if you run an honest website which is truly useful to the user, with relevant content, then you’ll make it to the top page.
We’ve said it time and time again, but ‘CONTENT IS KING’.

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