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Im not number 1 on Google

Im not number 1 on Google

Never rely on just the web for new business, since getting to the top of Google for key words or phrases relative to your business is not an easy, quick or cheap task. From our experience there should be a good balance to your marketing strategy including traditional marketing methods as well as the new social media type of optimisation and link building which also help a great deal. Be realistic as to the goals your are aiming for and give yourself enough time to see through your venture, monitoring every rise and fall that may be linked to certain marketing exercises.

Don’t be disappointed to find that you don’t make it to the number one spot in Google and perhaps only on the eighth place, its all good and you will be surprised how users will still find you amongst the rest.
Search engine optimisation is having a boom time at the moment with companies fighting to get on the top slot, but if you run an honest website which is truly useful to the user and has plenty of relative content, then you will ultimately make it to the first page on Google. The buz word to capture what Google is all about at this point in time is ‘CONTENT IS KING’. The other major factor in getting some kind of top ranking are the amount of inbound links to your website that come from well ranked websites and directories.
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