New Features on Instagram and Facebook

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New Features on Instagram and Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are constantly gaining new, exciting features, especially for businesses. It seems that much like in-person social, online social is changing to keep up with post-COVID-19 demands too.



Instagram Supporting Small Businesses

You’ve probably noticed the ‘Support Small’ story feature at the top of your Instagram app, allowing anyone to create a story and use the sticker to help promote small businesses. Not only does it link to the business profile, it even shows a preview of their latest posts! We have been loving this update and have discovered some great small businesses too! It’s a great idea to get friends and family to share your business page via this sticker!


Facebook & Instagram Shops

A new ‘Shops’ feature will allow Facebook users to buy and sell products directly from Facebook and Instagram. This is currently being rolled out to US businesses and we will hopefully start to see it in the UK soon too. This new feature will be a game-changer for small businesses and will also be linked to Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more.

On Instagram, this feature will add a ‘View Shop’ button under your page description.


New Live IGTV Feature

Instagram have made it even easier to create new content for your feed by adding the option to save live stream videos to your IGTV. After you have completed a live stream, simply select ‘Share to IGTV’ to keep the live video content available on your profile incase anyone missed it.


Instagram Guides

Instagram has selected a few ‘partner’ accounts to try out a new feature they are calling ‘guides’. Guides can be found under a tab much like your IGTV posts. They are essentially blog posts made up of Instagram content. The ‘guide’ tabs only currently appear on the mobile app, so to have a preview of this upcoming feature visit accounts like @heads_together.


Instagram guides



Which of these features are you most looking forward to?