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Brummells of London

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The Client

Brummells of London are an exclusive and luxurious online retailer of only unique and rare brands and products. They pride themselves on stocking only the exquisite.

The Brief 

The clients wanted to increase revenue and traffic to Brummells and engage their audience. To do this we:

  • Took over the hosting and maintenance of Brummells
  • Work on the SEO
  • Restart their social media campaign
  • Run Google ads
  • Send regular, relevant email campaigns

Our Approach

We worked on a schedule for emails that worked around any promotions running on the site, and any upcoming events. We sent these to their audience and tracked sales.

To enhance their SEO we worked through products, categories and brand pages while also starting the blog again and ensuring social posts were regular and relevant with links back to the site.

We set them up and ran Google Ad campaigns as well as re-marketing to push sales and drive traffic to the site.

The Result

From a combination of the efforts across all the marketing channels available, sales and traffic rose dramatically and customers were engaged with the brand again and purchasing from Brummells.

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