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Delarom Skincare

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The Client

Delarom Skincare are a French, natural and organic skincare range who specialise in creams and balms designed for anti-ageing, skin tightening and moisturising.

The Brief 

The clients asked to completely rebrand Delarom for the UK market, creating a brand and marketing strategy and transferring this to social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We were also asked to create an e-commerce website which promotes the natural goodness of Delarom Skincare.

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • Ads
  • Photography
  • Influencer marketing


Our Approach


We stuck with a neutral palette for Delarom, this was to be in keeping with the natural and organic nature of Delarom. We also turned the website into an E-commerce site to encourage online sales of Delarom, rather than through 3rd parties.


Social Media Marketing & Influencers

We branded the social channels to match to ensure a cohesive branding throughout all of the Delarom marketing. We reached out to a number of social media influencers who we felt would work well with the Delarom message and branding and chose to work with a select few to promote the products. On top of this we ran giveaways for products to increase engagement, reach and following across our channels.

We also reached out to Amanda Lamb and Anna Richardson, who both championed the brand over a number of weeks, using and promoting the product for increased engagement across the Delarom social media platforms.



We worked hard on the SEO for the site, going from no rankings at all to ranking on the first page for a number of keywords.



To support the rebrand of Delarom, we created an image bank of photographic content for the brand to use across their social media, website and in print. We created a collection of professional, high end imagery which demonstrates the natural benefits of the Delarom brand.





The Result

Engagement across social and traffic to the site has been gradually rising and SEO rankings have been moving up as well. Delarom is now a name people have seen and are aware of and this is something we will continue working on in the future to make Delarom a well known name!

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