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You have a great, shiny new website and you’re all ready to go! But now what? People need to be able to find you and your services, this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. Regularly tweaking and updating your website and its content so that Google and other search engines ‘like’ it is key to your customers finding you!


“Google it” has become ingrained in our language for when you want an answer to your question, “Google it”, if you want to find a business or service, “Google it”!


The digital world has changed, people research things before they make any buying decision and you want them to find your services during this research phase.

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In a time long gone, hideous heavily-optimised website copy was the norm – and ‘black-hat’ SEO tricks were common. Now, content is reigning King again – and we’re all thankful!
Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates mean that quality content is more important than ever. Inserting random keywords throughout the copy and hoping for the best is no longer effective or acceptable. Over-optimisation and ‘keyword stuffing’ can lead to penalties from the search engines. Sensitive keyword optimisation is now essential and putting the reader first when writing on site copy is the best way forward.


To perfect your onsite copy, our expert copywriters thoroughly research your market and your competitors to see where you should be focusing your search marketing, ensuring we create informative content that fits within your sector perfectly.. Knowing where you will find your customers, and what they are searching for is key to putting yourself in front of them.


And it’s not just on site copy that counts. Gone are the days of low quality link-building, now the only links which matter are those from high quality sources. All of this sits on a bedrock of industry-leading onsite optimisation and thorough numbers-driven research.
To boost your performance, we can back up SEO work with a brand focused social media campaign.
We always adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines, so you can feel assured knowing that the results are sustainable, and that every pound spent is an investment for the present and the future.


Producing content which web users love is the key to SEO success. Content that gets people liking, tweeting, commenting and sharing is a powerful piece of online marketing which is great news for your digital brand. It may sound simple enough to product stellar content, but grabbing audience attention means careful research, smart subject selection and knock-out writing – all topped off with a side serving of smart SEO strategy and social media savviness.


As a full service digital marketing agency, we provide a complete range of marketing services, ranging from strategy formation and keyword research, through to optimisation and pay per click – so whether you already have a website or are looking to develop one, we can help you to get the best return from your web presence.


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