Top Search Engine Trends 2019

SEO trends 2019

Top Search Engine Trends 2019

Top Search Engine Trends 2019

Keeping up with SEO trends and changes can be tricky, we’ve compiled some of the top trends we think we will be big for 2019!



Voice Search domination

What with Alexa, Siri and Google, voice search is obviously top of the list for 2019! We’ve been programming computers to understand our speech and spoken queries slowly reducing the amount of typed searches we perform! In fact, it is said that by 2020 half of all online searches will be voice searches!

So, what does this mean for your SEO? Your content needs to answer people’s questions. “Alexa, where can I get a….”



Mobile first indexing

2018 was the year that Google made the change to mobile first indexing. How does this affect you? You must ensure that your website works seamlessly on mobile devices as this is what counts!



Page speed

Google are keen to ensure that UX is high on everyones list, and this includes page speed. Intermingled with making sure that your desktop site loads swiftly, you must also ensure that your site is effectively optimised for mobile users.


Influencer marketing

People buy from people and having someone well known and respected vouch for your business can do you wonders! By working with a blogger/influencer who has high traffic and authority on their own site can only do you good if they link back to you.

It is essential you pick the right influencer for you, your customers and your product, do your research and reach out to a number of influencers to understand their terms before making any commitment!



Depth in Quality

Search engines are being trained to look out for original, in-depth, factual content that can best answer researchers queries. By ensuring that all of your content is high quality, written by people who absolutely know what they are talking about, Google will pick up on this. Quality over quantity allows Google and other popular search engines to understand what is spam and what is genuine content. When you start to think about who your content is for, the user, it becomes easy to create content. Write to answer their questions and to provide as much informative and useful information about yourself and your product as possible.



Optimise for all Devices

With the rise of devices like tablets and more recently artificial intelligence like Siri or Echo, optimising all content to ensure that it can be accessed by whatever device your audience is using is essential.



Use a Variety of Media

Using a range of media like photographs, video, animation, and text can help to optimise your chances of appearing in search tools like Google Images. Different content appeals to different audiences, therefore by using a variety you are constantly reaching to a wider range of people. This will also help you to get an understanding of what works best for you, which content gets the most interactions, therefore helping you to create a successful social media strategy.



Beat the Knowledge Graphs

Search engines are now using tools like knowledge graphs and feature snippets, meaning that a lot of the time people don’t even leave Google to find an answer to their search query. To increase your chances of being featured, analyse the differences in the content you are posting and the content that already has the featured spot. Also, note ‘people also ask’ queries in your content to increase relevance. Keep your answer short and sweet, easy to find when you first reach the web page, followed by more in-depth details below.



Create a Question Strategy

Anticipating follow up questions increase your click-through rate and therefore improve your RankBrain rating, meaning that Google realises your website is useful as people spend more time on it and visit different pages.

Search engine trends 2019