Shynee’s Social Media Predictions for 2023

Shynee’s Social Media Predictions for 2023

With the beginning of 2023 quickly creeping up, it’s important to ensure you and your business are prepared to adapt your social media marketing strategy to ensure you continue to stand out on social media. Here, we have compiled our top predictions for social media marketing in 2023, so that you can keep them in mind when devising your new strategy ready for the new year! 



Instagram Live Shopping


As we know, Instagram has been fighting to get ahead of it’s competitor Tiktok. One of Tiktok’s most popular features currently is the live shopping feature, which allows creators to go live to share products as well as link them in regular videos, which has seen lots of popular brands creating special Tiktok-only deals.


Instagram Live Shopping has already started to be rolled out in the US, and we predict that it will be coming to the UK in early 2023 and will likely be the feature that is pushed by the Instagram algorithm for the foreseeable future. 


Nano and Microinfluencers Becoming More In-Demand Than Macro and Mega Influencers


A lot of brands have already adapted their influencer marketing strategy having realised that smaller influencers tend to have better engagement with a niche community rather than 1000s of non-engaged followers. 


Studies have shown that nano influencers (under 10k followers) can generate more than twice as much engagement as a mega influencer (1m+ followers), whilst also charging less for their services, meaning that they are typically better for brands as they can then afford to pay more influencers and get much better ROI. We believe that this is a trend that will keep growing in 2023, although it is unlikely there will ever be a time where there is no space on social media for mega influencers as brands with huge influencer marketing budgets will likely still want to work with them. 


Twitter’s Subscription Plans for Businesses


New owner Elon Musk has previously stated that he plans to push subscriptions as a means of revenue for Twitter, and it is suspected that he will do so by making businesses pay for the privilege of viewing their analytics. 


Whilst thorough analytics is a given on every other social media platform, Twitter got rid of several features back in 2020, leaving users all over the world feeling very underwhelmed with it’s potential for business use. 


Longer Tweets


Finally, the one change that all Twitter users can agree with – longer tweets! Musk has said that he will be implementing a larger character limit or removing it completely,  although it is unclear when this change will happen, we believe it’s safe to assume it will be soon.


Increasing Demands for Authenticity


Over the last few years we have seen a shift in the type of content users want to see on social media. We can expect to see more demand for brands to be authentic and transparent, especially big brands. For example, in the fashion sector, users want to know that brands are actually sustainable and environmentally friendly where they say they are, as they become more and more aware of the effects of fast fashion. 


Social Listening Will Be On The Rise


Social listening refers to essentially keeping tabs on what people are saying about your brand online. This allows you to be present and interact with your customers, making it especially easy to reply to customer complaints that may otherwise go unnoticed.


It’s also worth utilising this to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how they interact with customers, as it is likely some of your customers overlap with your competitors’. 


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Happy new year! 🥂