Social Media Influencers to Look Out For in 2021

Social media influencer

Social Media Influencers to Look Out For in 2021

Influencer marketing is constantly growing and is more effective now than ever before. Social media influencers can be found for every niche, hobby or interest and finding the right influencer for your company can make a huge difference when it comes to engagement.

Influencer marketing is a business collaboration between the influencer and the brand which allows followers to recognise and gain interest or respect for the brand being promoted. Often, followers feel an almost personal relationship with the influencer they follow and will trust their opinion. It’s almost like a friend recommending you a new shampoo – only its someone you follow online!

Finding the right influencer for your business can be a difficult task and it involves knowing your target audience inside and out; from basics like age range to how they spend their weekends!


Popular Social Media Influencers to Watch in 2021


All That Is She

Instagram Following : 501K

Instagram Username: @allthatisshe

Ideal for: family, home, creative content

A family of content creators; All That Is She are leading the way for creative content. The amount of preparation and editing that goes into every post is clear. Some of their recent collaborations include Lego, Ebay and Clarks Shoes.


AD: Looks like I’ve finally found something to keep Penny amused.

AD: Can a girl not catch a break? I came to the forest to enjoy a nice and relaxing *solo* picnic, but my plans, along with my lunch, have been swiftly snatched away from me!


Natalie Franke

Instagram Following : 67K

Instagram Username: @nataliefranke

Ideal for: business, creative

Natalie Franke is an entrepreneur, community builder and photographer on Instagram. She has shared that her main goal through social media is to ’empower creative entrepreneurs to rise together doing what they love’. She has now built a community of over 76K creatives over 400 cities through her company ‘Rising Tide’, who host monthly creative meet ups worldwide.


Natalie FrankeWhen I chose HOME as my word of the year for 2020… this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. 😅

Natalie Franke Influencer

Be the leader you wish you had when you started. If you’ve been holding back from stepping into the arena—this is the sign that you’ve been looking for.



Bake with Jack

Instagram Following : 29k

Instagram Username: @chrisbaber

Ideal for: food

Jack Sturgess, also known as ‘Bake with Jack’ has created an influencer platform through his baking tips! He is even now featured regularly on Sunday Brunch, all from sharing his baked creations online. Jack also has a popular youtube channel also called Bake with Jack.


A TON of work but SO FUN on @sundaybrunchc4 today, here is all the bread I made in preparation for today and it went down OK hey? 😉

Having recently appeared on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, Jack Sturgess aka Bake with Jack may be on the verge of winning the hearts of the nation in the same way he’s enthralled Surrey with his passion for baking and endearing demeanour. 



Who are your favourite social media influencers?

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