Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Never has it been more necessary to have a social presence than now. Social media is transforming the way people interact with brands and the relationships they build with them. Users have come to expect companies to have a social presence, and to be able to contact them and get a reply quickly. We understand that with everything else going on, this can become a big job and social media can often be put to the side. That is where we step in!


We thrive on running social media campaigns. We create unique, informative and relevant content that is posted to your followers at the best times for engagement. We will work to brand your social media pages in line with your other marketing content, ensuring customers can recognise you online as well as offline.


With 24-hour access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more right in your customers pocket, why not use it to your advantage!

Content Creation

Whether it’s a copy writing, photo shoots, videography, graphic design or live posting, we’re here to manage your brand’s content production.

Our creative team create, edit and deliver content that weaves the story you want tell!


Social Media Advertising

As well as providing your followers with interesting and unique content, we also design and run advertising campaigns, all controlled by you, ensuring budgets are kept to and you see your ROI. These campaigns can be fine-tuned to only reach your target audience, ensuring any leads you get are more likely to turn into conversions!

Here at Shynee Web Design, we have launched our own social media reporting tool that provides you with detailed and comprehensive reports on your social media and how it is performing including monthly analysis of how, when and why your brand has been mentioned.


Influencer management

Our dedicated social media marketing team have extensive experience working on influencer marketing campaigns, designed to increase engagement and sales through social media channels. We are able to deliver a bespoke and effective campaign that is


Rewards and competitions

A well run and executed social media competition can be of great benefit to your social media presence. Social competitions can be simple and easy, or require more involvement depending on the prize! Use them to raise brand awareness, increase engagement, for more sales or just for fun!

Social Media Case Studies