Why You Should Be Using TikTok For Your Business

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Why You Should Be Using TikTok For Your Business

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is an iOS and Android App, launched in 2019 and created to sharing extremely short form video content. It fills the void left by fallen apps like Vine or Music.ly, has double the editing tools of Instagram and is attracting more young people that Twitter. 

In the same way that two lines of text might not explode on Facebook (but might go viral on Twitter), TikTok is an opportunity for brand’s to create a new kind of content that could not only suit their brand identity better, but also tap into a Gen Z market that many are leaving on the table. 


How Big Is TikTok?

Let’s talk numbers. At over a Billion downloads as of February 2019, TikTok is no small fry.

Available in 154 Markets and 75 Languages, TikTok’s raking in 500 Million monthly active users. On top of this, TikTok’s most followed user (outside of it’s own account) is Influencer Loren Gray at 33 Million Followers – for context, over on Instagram, Zayn Malik and Manchester United currently rank in at 31 Million. If Gen Z are your audience, TikTok might just be the place to be.

But it’s not just teens getting a slice of the pie, as brands are waking up to the huge audience available. Active Brand Users now include The Washington Post, The NBA and Vice News, who aren’t just repurposing their existing content, but moulding their style to the TikTok formula.

Now that you know all the cool kids are involved, what are you waiting for?

5 Tips On Building Your Brand On TikTok


1 – Jump On Musical Trends

One of TikTok’s standout features is it’s ability to have “Trending Sounds”, be it snippet’s of current songs or spoken dialogue. Users will often click on the Audio track itself and binge watch everybody who’s danced, mimed or just interacted with the song, so why not jump on it yourself?

2 – Duet

Being able to collaborate has been a fast way to the top for singers and actors for years, but TikTok users can post their video side by side with their favourite creators with just the click of a button. Whether it be reacting to them, mimicking them or adding to their content, people can find yours by finding theirs.

3 – Stay Consistent

While not as ever-changing as Facebook or Google’s, TikTok’s algorithm is something many try to master. As well as the content creators you follow, users battle to be a part of The “For You” page, essentially TikTok’s trending page, to really blow up in exposure. The way to do it is simple – The “For You” page favours frequent content creators, so stop thinking each piece has to be a masterpiece and get jumping on trends, because your chance at striking the TikTok lottery could be any day now.

4 – Two-Part Content

It’s so easy to scroll past content on TikTok, but some creators have found the trick to return viewers – Two-Part Content. This is where viewers spend their first video setting up a situation or event, before ending with “come back tomorrow to see what happens”. Got something impressive to show off? Why not build some suspense?

5 – Challenges 

The Harlem Shake and The Ice Bucket Challenge were before their time. 

While occasionally challenges like these would break out onto Facebook or Youtube, Challenges have found their true home on TikTok, and considering this is where The Bottle Cap Challenge started, it’s safe to say it’s a vehicle with legs. Compilations of Challenge Entries regularly get created by TikTok so if you’re competitive enough, it’s a fast track to letting people know your name!


We can help

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