How video can impact your websites SEO

How video can impact your websites SEO

Here at Shynee Web Design we belive in using video to help promote business on the net, thats why we have teamed up with AP Film & Music Productions another Bedford based compamy to make a short video outlining the importance of video to improve your web sites SEO

Video SEO is an important way to boost rankings for companies trying to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In fact, video SEO is becoming more important as more and more Internet users are watching online video.

According to a recent report, nearly 40% of all video streams were referred by Google, followed by Yahoo (5.6%), Bing (2.3%), and Facebook (0.4%). The rest came from direct traffic. So, if you want to succeed at video SEO, Google seems the best place to be. However, don’t forget Yahoo and Bing. Even though their ponds are smaller, that also means it’s easier to be the big fish and win the video SEO battle on those two search engines.

You can do some great video SEO just by getting backlinks to your videos through social media promotion — Facebook, Twitter, Bookmarking Sites etc. — and then making sure you have backlinks from your video site to your regular website or blog. These backlinks can improve search engine rankings for any site you do this for.

Why is Video SEO Important? A few years ago, videos were these huge, cumbersome things that you could only share if you had special video players and broadband Internet. Video SEO was largely unnecessary, because people couldn’t watch videos very easily.

But, events now make video SEO necessary: more people have cheap broadband, videos have become smaller, and it’s now possible to stream videos on mobile devices.

80% of Internet users are watching online video around the world. Part of that is because Generation Y (people between the ages of 11 – 27) outnumbers Baby Boomers, 81 million to 78 million. So we’re starting to see more and more people use smart phones and mobile devices to watch online video.

There are several free video sharing sites around, all of which are excellent candidates for video SEO. Of course, there’s the big dog, YouTube. So many people are aware of YouTube, it’s a must-submit for any of your online videos. But smart search engine optimization pros also use other video sharing sites like Vimeo, Viddler, or PhotoBucket. There are dozens of video sharing sites that make video search engine optimization easy.

Just like the difference between Google and Yahoo/Bing, when it comes to video hosting, YouTube has the biggest audience, but it’s harder to get seen. If you host your video on a smaller site, like Vimeo and Viddler, you have a much better chance of being that big fish in the small pond.

Consider Specialized Sites for Video SEO. We also like specialized sites like for how-to videos, for science, teaching, and research, and for independent television shows and movies.

These three sites alone are great video SEO sites, because you can show off your home repair or cooking skills on VideoJug, demonstrate your radical new theories on virus morphology and jelly donuts on ScienceStage, or introduce people to your new web TV shows, which showcase your writing/directing/acting/wicked video uploading skills to viewers on

Video works today because it aims to provide users with an inside view into your site and what it has to offer. If structured properly, your video can be focused around your site’s unique value proposition. Video SEO can also help to promote the content, especially if the content includes those keywords most sought after by your potential customers in online searches. The title of the video is everything, but the content within the video speaks volumes!

Just remember to create videos that are short and easy to watch, fun and interesting for viewers, and hosted on one or more video sharing sites. You’ll see your efforts pay off time and again.
As videos become easier for marketers to produce, and easier for consumers to, consume, video SEO is becoming a necessary part of any online marketing campaign.

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